AUCC’s nine-pack of Fair Dealing Guidelines

The full text of the 9 revised AUCC Fair Dealing Guidelines have now been posted online on the SCRIBD website (links at  and at the University of Calgary library.  I’m curious as to why AUCC does not just post them on their own website.  Why is the task of disseminating these important documents to the public left to third parties?

Here are the files, as posted at SCRIBD:

1  General Application

2 Teaching and Research by University Faculty

3 Fair Dealing Guidance for Students

4 Library Copying

5 Learning Management Systems

6 Production and Sale of Course Packs

7 Administrative Copying

8 Musical Works and Sound Recordings

9 Audiovisual Works

Some serious questions are already being raised (here, herehere and here) but much more analysis needs to be done. Unfortunately, these documents are not drafts as AUCC member’s  have been instructed to implement these policies without  substantive changes.

So let’s crack open the 9-pack and let the analysis begin!   Much more to follow in subsequent posts…….