Upcoming presentations at OLA Superconference

I will presenting on two panels of at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in Toronto later this week:

Intellectual Property and MakerSpaces and 3D Printing
(803D) Thursday January 29: 9 am –10:30am  MTCC 104A
Speakers: Mallory Austin, Michael McNally, Samuel Trosow

The session examines the issues raised by makerspaces in the context of Canadian intellectual property law. Questions addressed include: what responsibilities to librarians have under trademark law and the Patent Act; what are the copyright implications of makerspace technologies; what role does Canada’s new user-generated content exception play; and, what practices and policies can libraries undertake to help ensure that both staff and users are to take full advantage of their rights under Canadian law.

  1. Understand intellectual property concerns in relation to makerspaces and 3D printing.
  2. Appreciate the full range of user rights under Canadian intellectual property law that will enable users and librarians to make full use of makerspace technologies and 3D printers
  3. Understand best practices from other jurisdictions including Alberta) Understand intellectual property concerns in relation to makerspaces and 3D printing.

The Library as Commons and a Point of Resistance
(1615) Friday, Jan 30 10:45-noon, ICTC Kingsway
Speakers: Bill Irwin, Lou D’Alton, Samuel Trosow

This presentation examines the role of public libraries through three distinct, yet related lenses. The influence that current public policies have had on the public sphere. Libraries resistance to marketization, and the library being one of the last places where information remains both accessible and free to the end-user.

Learning Outcomes: (1) Greater awareness of the socio-economic paradigms being imposed on society generally and public libraries specifically. (2) The necessity of questioning, and opposing, those paradigms and their appropriateness for the public library. (3) The role of the public library in ensuring a healthy public sphere.