Marie Blosh Declares Candidacy for London City Council in Ward 6

Here is something not on copyright, privacy or telecom policy.  My wife, Marie Blosh, is running for City Council in London Ontario.  Here is the statement she issued today (which coincidentally is the 40th anniversary of the resignation of Richard Nixon)

PRESS RELEASE: August 8, 2014

Marie Blosh Declares Candidacy for City Council in Ward 6

Long-time neighbourhood activist Marie Blosh filed to run for the Ward 6 seat on London City Council today. The first woman to file for the seat being vacated by two-term councillor Nancy Branscombe, Blosh says that it is her experience working on behalf of the neighbourhood and other local issues that makes her stand out from the other candidates.

“I will be a new face at the city council table but not a new face at city hall. As president of the Broughdale Community Association and a member of two advisory committees I understand how municipal government works. My experience as a railroad locomotive operator, as a lawyer and as a librarian has prepared me to take on this leadership role.”

Marie Blosh has made London her home for thirteen years and says she was honoured to receive a Queen’s Jubilee medal in recognition of her commitment to civic affairs. In addition to her work on behalf of her neighbourhood, Marie has served on London’s advisory committees on heritage (LACH) and animal welfare (AWAC). It is her combined experience in all these issues that made her decide to run for city council.

“As a frequent participant at council committee meetings, I know the rules and procedures, but I also sense the frustration that members of the public feel when they try to raise their concerns. There needs to be more respect for members of the public as well as a return to civility among council members.”

In seeking the Ward 6 seat, Blosh hopes to make city hall a welcome, open and transparent place.

“I’ve met so many wonderful people in London who say they feel disengaged from the city. But it is the people that make a city, and they have a wealth of ideas we need to tap. City Council can do that by making everyone, newcomers and long-time residents alike, part of our civic fabric.”

Marie grew up in rural Pennsylvania. After overcoming a childhood hearing disability, she was awarded a scholarship to Penn State and was active in local politics while a student. She broke a longstanding gender barrier to become one of the first women to work as a railroad locomotive operator. She went on to study law and is a member of the California bar. She continued her graduate education in law librarianship at the University of California at Berkeley and maintains her strong commitment to libraries. Two years ago she obtained a graduate law degree at Western. Marie lives in London with her husband, Sam Trosow, a professor at Western.

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