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Canadian Copyright: A Citizen's Guide

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Laura Murray is an Associate Professor in the English Department of Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, and creator of the website


Samuel Trosow is an Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. He is jointly appointed in the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Information and Media Studies.

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  • p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } forthcoming: “Fair Dealing in Canadian Digital Environments – a Historical Introduction” in Dynamic Fair Dealing: Creating Canadian Culture Online (Rosemary J.Coombe, et. al., eds) 
  • "The copyright policy paradox: Overcoming competing agendas within the digital labour movement" Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization Volume 10, issue 3/4.
  • Mobilizing User-Generated Content for Canada's Digital Advantage (co-authors Jacquelyn Burkell, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Pamela McKenzie, Michael B. McNally, Caroline Whippey and Lola Wong) Final Report for SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant (Dec 1, 2010).

  • "Bill C-32 and the Educational Sector: Overcoming Impediments to Fair Dealing", Chapter 18 (pp 519-546) in Michael Geist (ed), Canadian Copyright and the Digital Agenda: From Radical Extremism to Balanced Copyright (Irwin Law, 2010).
  • "A Holistic Model of Information Policy ." Feliciter 56:2(46) 2010.
  • "Why Copyright Fair-Dealing Needs Flexibility ." Lawyers Weekly 29: 41(March 12, 2010).
  • "Law and Technology Theory: Bringing in Some Economic Analysis." Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society 2010 30: 30-32.
  • Copyright Consultation Submission. Osgoode Hall Rev of Law and Policy 2(2):169. (November 2009)
  • Inernet FIltering in the Public Library: 'Censorship' or 'Customer Service'?  OLA Access Magazine (July 2008) [expanded version]
  • Canadian Copyright Law: A Citizen’s Guide (co-authored with Laura Murray, Between the Lines, 2007) [Introduction ] [Chapter 1: Copyright's Rationales]
  • Information Flows and the Transfer of Knowledge: A Conceptual Approach for Policy Makers (McGill University, 2006 Meredith Lectures).
  • Constraining Public Libraries: The World Trade Organization's General Agreement on Trade in Services (co-authored with Kirsti Nilsen, Scarecrow Press, 2006).
  • Changing Landscape of Academic Libraries and Copyright Policy: Interlibrary Loans, Electronic-Reserves, and Distance Education.” Chapter 14 (pp 375-407) in Michael Geist, (ed.) “In the Public Interest:  The Future of Canadian Copyright Law.” (Irwin Law, 2005, available online at:
  • Sui Generis Database Legislation: A Critical Analysis” Yale Journal of Law and Technology. 7: 94 (Spring 2005).
  • “The Ownership and Commodification of Legal Knowledge: Using Social Theory of the Information Age as a Tool for Policy Analysis, Manitoba Law Journal 30(3): 417 (2004).
  • "Copyright Protection for Federally Funded Research: Necessary Incentive or Double Subsidy?" Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal 22: 613 (2004).
  • Databases and the Fields of Law: Are There New Divisions of Labor?” Law Library Journal 96(1):63-93.[full text]
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  • “Fast-Track Trade Authority and the Free Trade Agreements: Implications for Copyright Law,” Canadian Journal of Law & Technology 2(2): (July 2003). [full text]
  • "The Illusive Search for Justificatory Theories:  Copyright, Commodification and Capital," Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence  XVI(2): 217-41 (July 2003).
  • “Fair-Use in the Digital Age” in Global Issues in 21st Century Research Librarianship, Sigrun Klara Hannesdottir ed. (Helsinki, NORDINFO 2002).
  • “Jurisdictional Disputes and the Unauthorized Practice Of Law: New Challenges for Law Librarianship,” Legal Reference Services Quarterly 20 (4): 1-18 (Fall 2001).
  • “Standpoint Epistemology as an Alternative Methodology for Library and Information Science.” Library Quarterly 71 (3): 360-382. (July 2001). [Abstract]
  • “When is a Use a Fair Use? University Liability for Educational Copying,” portal: Libraries and the Academy, 1.1 (2001): 47-57.
  • Organizational Theory in Library and Information Science Education,” Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 41(2): 129-142 (Spring 2000).
  • “Economic Analysis and Copyright Law: Are New Models Needed in the Digital Age?” Legal References Services Quarterly 17 (1 & 2):: 161-194 (1999).[Abstract]


UGC Report

I am an Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario jointly appointed to the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS).


Before coming to Western, I was a law librarian at the Boalt Hall Law Library at the University of California at Berkeley and before that I was in private law practice in California. My doctoral work in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA focused on information policy issues.


I am currently a Network Investigator and Theme Leader with the GRAND NCE and also serve on the Librarians Committee of the  Canadian Association of University Teachers.

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